Quick reminder to speak up against the Tax Bill

If you're like me, you're already on at least one Indivisible email list, but if you're in the U.S., consider this your friendly reminder that now is the time to call your Senators to urge them to oppose the tax bill. This bill will most likely raise your taxes (unless you're one of the wealthiest Americans), it will undermine the ACA - in many ways, it's another way to go after your health care. Even if your Senators are democratic, it helps to show your engagement, and may tip them toward taking more drastic action (such as withholding consent) to slow down the bill's progress. 

This is (sometimes) a finance blog, and these are deeply relevant issues. If you're interested in your own money - growing it, keeping it, paying down debt, saving up for your goals - you don't want to be paying more in taxes, and you don't want to be bankrupted by medical bills. 

Our voices do make a difference. They've made a difference before, in the fight to save ACA. Let's stop this thing. 


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