April 2017 Month in Review

Here's what I bought for myself in April 2017.

Crossword puzzle subscription - $40
This is for a year of puzzle access. It's expensive for an app, but I guess it's about the price of four puzzle books per year, and it's a lot easier to grab my phone than to remember to carry my puzzle book around. I did the daily puzzle every day this month. We'll see if my enthusiasm continues. I really enjoy doing them on my phone, especially on the commute.

Summer running clothes - $50
This is a pair of shorts and a pair of socks.

I've been running in long pants for the last year, and last summer, I simply did not running on warmer days. I'm not sure I want to stick with this defeatist plan. Plus, I feel like the more I run, the less tolerant of heat I become. (And more tolerant of cold. I didn't use my wool-lined running tights at all, all winter. I ran in ordinary yoga pants.)

It's been a cool April overall, but the first day I ran after my near-month of sickness, it was hot and sunny. So I was really glad to have the shorts. I like them so much I want to get a second pair, so I can run twice between laundry days.

Shoes - $206
Why did I buy so many shoes this month? This is three pairs: minimalist-style casual sneakers, a pair of minimalist-style running sandals, and a pair of hiking boots I got barely-used for like half the regular price. The original seller was passing them on because they were too small. They are also too small for me. Just by the teeniest amount, but enough to be uncomfortable if I were to actually use them to hike. But I REFUSE TO GIVE UP. I am looking into how to stretch leather! A project!

The running sandals broke immediately, but customer service has been good and is replacing them - hopefully, it was just a defect, and the second pair is better.

Overall, the jury's out.

Summer Casual Clothes - $100
This is a lightweight throw-over-a-tank-top type button-down, and a simple knit sheath dress which could be worn out, around the house, or even as a nightgown. I feel like both of these are verstaile handy items, but time will tell, since they're intended for warmer weather than we've gotten so far this spring.

Bras - $58
This is only one bra, a sport bra, but I'm proposing it as a category as it's already going to be my biggest category in May, I can tell you now. I'm having another "bra-naissance" after realizing my size and shape has gradually shifted and my old bras aren't working as well as they used to. I also need a new swim top badly, as I don't trust my old one to not fall off.

Anyway, this sport bra is okay. I liked it a lot after I tried it on; it has a good reputation, and it was a lot better than the other ones I'd tried on in the same session. But the more I wear it, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Branaissance, help!

Water bottle - $37
A 17-ounce cute green one I PROMISE THIS IS MY LAST ONE FOR AWHILE


Purse organizer - $11
I became obsessed with organizing my "everyday carry," probably because my summer kit has more pieces than winter - sunscreen, sunglasses, tweezers in case of ticks, etc.

Stuff For Next Winter - $10
This is just one thing, a wool headband-type earwarmer to be worn in combination with a hat when it's really cold, or instead of a hat while running in under 40-degree-F weather. In past months, I've learned the lesson that stocking up for next season is usually a bad idea, because by the time next season comes around, you're invariably not excited about digging it out; maybe the styles have changed, or you realize some fatal flaw in the item but it's too late to return it. But I didn't make a huge investment in this, and it's actually almost still cold enough for this due to weird spring temperature fluctuations!

Total: $560
I'm consistently above my desired outflow, especially since I want to be reducing these days. New resolution: no more water bottles, no more casual summer clothes (I have plenty to wear on the few casual days I have in the week). Unfortunately, I don't think these resolutions will make much difference in May, the Month of Bras.


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