One-Year Purchase Review: February 2016

I'm on a seafoam diet
I sea foam, I eat it

Here's what I bought for myself in February 2016.

Stuff I Still Have

Headphones - $70
This is more than I'd normally pay for a pair of headphones, but I knew I liked them because my wife had the same pair and I'd tried them when she wasn't using them. I was also, I'll admit, swayed by the colors, as they came in white and pink. I still love these. They're comfortable, the sound quality is good, and they can be used as a mic headset.

Layering tanks - $35
Utilitarian and good.

Misc Used Clothes - $18
This includes some items I didn't specify (probably sweaters). I'll assume there were OK.

Pencil bag - $14
I don't remember why I got this and it's not strictly necessary, but it's cute and occasionally one has to transport pencils. Sure, it's fine.

Stuff I Don't Have Anymore

Light Aqua Clothes - $83
For some reason, I really thought aqua was on my color palette, even though it turns out to be more Light Summer than True Summer. I still love it as an accent with navy or dark teal, but for large items of clothing (like, in this case, a used jacket, used T-shirt, and brand-new expensive flannel shirt) it looks suboptimal for reasons I couldn't quite pin down. In the year since I got these, I've one by one redonated them after finding similar items I preferred in darker colors (dark wash denim jacket, navy T-shirt, substantial flannel shirts in blackwatch and green/pink).

Jeans - $58
I was trying to find a pair of jeans that I liked, and I thought I had but I ended up not liking them in the long term. FASCINATING I KNOW.

eBay Clothes - $38
Although I didn't take great notes, it's my recollection that these didn't work out, mainly because of difficulties pinning down the color and size in an eBay order. When you buy, like, a $2 tank top with $5 shipping, it's not worth it to return.

Misc Audio Equipment - $34
Since I recently donated my bass, it turns out this audio equipment (a mixer and some cords) aren't necessary either.


Total Spend: $350
Percent Spend on Things I Still Have: $137 (39%)
Percent Spend on Things I No Longer Have: $213 (61%)

The total is remarkably low this month, compared to previous months, but the success rate is abysmal.


  1. I might start doing this. I like to think that I don't buy much, but this month I've actually acquired a few bits and bobs, it would be interesting to see whether I still appreciate them in a year.

    I think the aqua clothes are forgiveable, it took me a while to experiment with colours when I was trying to spruce myself up a little and trying to decide what kind of winter I was.


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