Relaxation Techniques & Restlessness Remedies

I found these two lists in the same document on my Google Drive. I'm not sure if it was meant to be a post here, or just for my own reference, but I thought I'd share it, while we're on the topic of self-care.

Relaxation Techniques

  • deep breaths

  • think about your feet (takes your mind off other body parts - good for pain)

  • lie on your back and consciously relax each part of your body in turn

  • candles

  • soft music

  • warm bath/shower

  • cup of tea

  • light & fun tv/youtube videos/books

  • gentle stretching yoga

Restlessness Remedies

  • go outside!! (weather/time of day permitting of course. go for a walk, look for pokemon, do errands, birdwatch, take pictures, or even just sit in a patch of sun & read)

  • do something from your "to do" list - just one unpleasant thing gets you a treat

  • exercise (running, yoga, workout video with mat/weights)

  • home improvement/nesting (tidying, cleaning, organizing, repairing, fixing up)

  • cooking or baking
  • play (puzzle, card/board game, video game, etc.)

  • call/text a friend to say hi or make a plan (not social media likes - actually reach out)

  • writing (blog post, diary entry, short fiction, letter, etc.)

  • art (abstract, comics, blog illustrations, giftable books/cards, etc.)

  • music (play instrument, or even just putting on music to listen to)

  • learning (coursera, duolingo, brainy nonfiction book)
  • a movie with popcorn - marathoning short tv episodes can make me even more restless, but a movie can feel like more of an "event"

  • check out a new book from "to read" list from the library


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