One-Year Purchase Review: October 2015

Okay! Let's take a look at what I bought a year ago, in October 2015.

Bread Bin - $36

This was part of a whole thing where I became obsessed with having kitchen stuff at work. I do like having this because I can stow snacks in it overnight in my office, and not worry about mice eating them.

Knives - $20

Also for "work cooking." I use these rarely. But they're cute knives. I guess half-regret? (Just one would have been sufficient.)

Used Very Nice Button Down Shirts - $40

I bought these off someone from my local Swap & Shop group. They're really nice! I wore them quite a lot last winter. I am just passing them on now, having decided they are a little "too nice" (my work style has gradually slid more casual) and also because they are light colors and I've decided that I prefer dark color tops. But I can't regret them because I got so much use out of them last year!

Bras - $162

This was for a total overhaul of my "bra-drobe" because my size had changed. I got four bras at about $40 each. I am still wearing each one of these bras 1-2 times per week, a year later. GREAT BUY!

Hoody - $120

What an expensive hoody! But it's a super good one, and I wear it a lot. I'd wanted it for a long time.

Wool/silk long underwear - $90

This is for three tops. I wore these several times through the winter. I think sportier styles tend to be better performing, but these are nice-feeling and feminine and good for work outfits (because if it's ever visible it will just be a bit of lace). I guess "half and half" regret.

Underwear - $50

I hadn't really sorted my underwear game at this point, so I didn't use these much.

Goodwill Stuff - $11

I actually wrote down what this was: pajama pants, two shirts. I don't remember which pajama pants and two shirts this was, but I never really regret Goodwill purchases even if I return them. It's a small price to pay to "rent" clothes.

Domain Name - $12

This was for THIS VERY BLOG! A++++++ purchase

Total Spent: $541
Total Good Buys: $436 (80%)
Total Regrets: $105 (20%)

Not a bad ratio, though I could have stood to go a little easier on the amount.


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