One Year Purchase Review: August 2015

It's that time again: let's take a look at the things I bought 1 year ago to see whether they still look like good purchases after the initial glow has worn off.

No less than seven (7) T-shirts on sale from Gap, Uniqlo, and Pact - $80
Brightly colored V-neck T-shirts (long and short sleeve) were my staple workwear at work at the time, so I decided to stock up in some end-of-summer sales. A month after making these orders, though, I would quit for another job with a more formal dress code. I would then end up letting these T-shirts lapse into obscurity, and eventually donating them. So, no, not worth it.

Goodwill Stuff - $18
I didn't write down what I got but I usually don't regret these purchases.

Navy blue rayon dress - $40
This was the moment: the moment I found The Perfect Dress at Second Time Around, a vintage/used nice clothing shop. I now own two of these (identical) plus two very similar dresses and I wear them each once a week. It's my summer work uniform. A+++ would buy again.

Brooks Brothers skirt - $60
I can't believe I didn't get my navy pinstripe pencil skirt until August of last year; I remember wearing it a lot last summer, but I guess that was mostly within the one month! I still wear this a fair amount, and I like it a lot.

Brooks Brothers pants - $100
I wore these pants a ton before I shrank them in the wash a few months ago. I think the purchase was worth it, but I shouldn't have shrank them in the wash.  

Second Brooks Brothers skirt (eBay) - $30
Unable to leave well enough alone, I got another skirt on eBay since I liked the first one so much. But I didn't like the second one as much. The colors weren't what I expected. I wore it a few times before donating it. Not worth it.

Organic cotton sweatpants - $51
Given that sweatpants are easy to buy for, like, $12, I guess spending $51 is excessive. But these are some damn good sweatpants. Cozy French terry, big pockets, comfy and medium-stylish tapered jogger cut, great for lounging or working out - they're basically the Cadillac of sweatpants. They spark joy, what more do you want?

Backup Pumps - $35
After spending $100 on the perfect pair of pumps, I discovered in quick succession that (a) they were discontinued and (b) Amazon had one more in my size in stock for $35. Although I already owned them, I loved them, so I grabbed the $35 pair as a backup. I still have them and haven't needed them yet, but I still love the original pair and wear them almost daily at work, so… To be determined!

New Tevas - $44
This was a good price on a replacement for a pair of sandals I'd worn out after wearing them daily for 3 straight summers. I didn't really realize just how worn they'd gotten, though, until I got the new pair and compared the thickness and bounciness of the sole! I've now worn the replacement pair for just over 1 summer, and they are in great condition. Definitely worth it.

Casual Plaid Shirt - $30
I got so many compliments on this. It's one of my favorite casual summer shirts.


Total Spent: $488
Total Worth It & Still In Use: $243
Total Worth It But Since Destroyed: $100
Total Not Worth It: $110
Total Unknown: $35


  • Avoid "stocking up" on several of the same type of item all at once. For one thing, your circumstances may change such that you don't need so many anymore! Buying things slowly is a form of "dollar cost averaging" in a way, since it allows you to confirm gradually over time that you still need the item. (Anyway, if you buy them all at once they'll wear out all at once.)
  • Just because you love something, doesn't mean you need another one.
  • Buying a replacement of something you really liked that legit wore out from overuse is usually a good idea.
  • When buying something inexpensive, bumping up from the cheap basic to the still-pretty-cheap "cadillac" version can be a joy-sparking good decision.
  • If you get a lot of compliments on something, it probably looks good on you.
  • Don't put wool in the dryer. DON'T PUT WOOL IN THE DRYER.


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