July 2016 Month in Review Featuring Moving Expenses Breakdown!

The budget went been completely out the window last month, largely because we moved.

Moving Expenses Breakdown

Aside from paying rental deposits up front (first, last, and security), and higher than normal food costs (eating out surrounding the move days, and then replacing our fridge staples), we also had many other directly and indirectly move-related expenses.

How expensive was our move? Let's break it down. (This includes expenses actually paid in June.)

Direct Moving Expenses

  • Movers - $645 (including tip)
  • Boxes - $40 (we got most of our cardboard boxes for free from a helpful neighbor; this was just for a set of plastic storage bins)
  • Moving van parking permits - $140
  • Smoke detector inspection - $55 (including money order fee)

TOTAL: $880

Indirect Moving Expenses

  • Stuff that was our roommate's - $100 (Wi-Fi router, ironing board, mixing bowl, colander, Pyrex liquid measuring cup, butter dish)
  • Modem - $60 (our new internet service would not connect to our ancient modem)
  • Fans - $90 (3 window fans for different rooms. We previously had ceiling fans)
  • Misc small home goods - $55 (plunger, toilet brush, recycle bin, hooks, deck chair cushions, extension cord, power strip, used lamp)

TOTAL: $305

Optional Indirect Moving Expenses: "Might As Well Replace It Now"

  • Bed - $2000 (as I mentioned in the June report, we went up a size, so everything had to be replaced: frame, mattress, sheets, mattress protector)
  • Misc furniture - $500 (ends tables and shelves and stuff - to furnish extra space and replicate built-in storage from our previous place)
  • Vacuum - $300 (this I actually haven't gotten yet, but it's only a matter of time)
  • Toaster oven  - $120
  • Throw blanket - $60
  • Towels - $40
  • Glasses - $25
  • Misc electronics - $70 (Chromecast and Steam Link so we can port computer stuff to our TV, since we no longer watch TV in the same room as our computer workstations)

TOTAL: $3115

As you can see, the bulk of the "move related" stuff was actually optional. We did not NEED to buy a new bed at this time; we could have used our old one for awhile longer. We had separate, non-move-related reasons for getting a new bed at some point (chiefly, that my wife's feet hung off the end, and the mattress was getting too old for comfort anyway). The move simply provided convenient timing. Without the move, we probably would have eventually gotten most if not all of this stuff… but we would have spaced it out more.

I'm hoping that all of these things will last and not need to be replaced for another 5 or 10 years, so our household expenses should lay low for awhile. I hope?!?!


The good news is that I managed to keep within my personal budget of $500 (of which $150 is set aside for food, so effectively $350 for "stuff"), despite using $240 of that for a new phone. The time had come, since my old phone was so out of date that it was no longer being updated, and my ability to send and receive texts had been spotty for months. Plus, I couldn't play Pokemon Go. Add to that $40 for phone accessories (a new sim card, bumper, and sleeve). I only spent $11 on clothes (a pre-owned shirt from Poshmark). It's been so hot that I can't imagining wanting to put anything on my body, which is good for my clothes budget.


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