Can't we just agree that certain things should be left for the next tenant?

Can we just agree that certain things should be left for the next tenant?

Can't we just agree, as a species, to leave a few things in our apartments and houses when we move, for the convenience of the next tenant? Everyone needs these things, and nobody really cares about them*, so let's just save ourselves the trouble of moving them from place to place and declare them officially Part of the Apartment.**

  • Clothes hangers
  • Curtains / curtain rods
  • Wastebasket / recycle bin
  • Hooks (over-door hooks, command hooks, picture hooks, etc. - just leave them up, the next people will have things to hang)
  • Plunger
  • Toilet brush
  • Shower curtain / shower curtain rings
  • Bath mat
  • Welcome mat
  • Organizers that work really well in built-in cabinets and drawers
  • Any storage furniture (e.g. shelving unit) that fits into the space in just such a DARLING and PERFECT way that it would be a shame to move it
  • Ditto rugs
  • Window thermometer
  • Garden hose
  • Take-out menus but ONLY for the best places
  • 1 roll of toilet paper

* Okay, some of the people care about some of these things… and I'm one of them. I always upgrade light bulbs to LEDs and discard wire hangers for wooden. But I have no problem with being the "Johnny Appleseed" of LED bulbs and hangers, going from apartment to apartment leaving behind a little upgrade. Spread the love.

** I realize that advising you to leave things in your apartment when you move away might or might not be "a bad idea" and "a violation of your lease agreement" and "technically against the law." Most landlords won't care about this stuff, but some really will deduct from your security deposit for insufficient removal of personal property. So don't go acting on this unless you're pretty sure your landlord is cool.

If you are a landlord: I beg of you, be cool.


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