Apartment Tour Checklist

I made the following document to remind myself of what to think about when touring a potential apartment. Although it's in worksheet form, I found it easier to commit the ideas to memory and then observe or ask about them in the moment, rather than filling out a paper document in front of the broker or owner, which makes you look like an overly prepared type A person (which may or may not bother you). 

Apartment Tour Checklist

Address: ___________________________________________________________
Unit #: __________ Floor: ______________ How many units in the building? _________
Rent: __________ What's included? _____________________________________
Building amenities:

Subway stop: ___________________________________ How far? ___________
Other transit? _______________________________________________________
Neighborhood special features:

Beds: __________ Square feet: _______________
Laundry: _____________________ Range: ___________________
Heat: ________________________ A/C (if any) _______________
Unit special features:

Broker: ____________________________________________________________
Landlord/management company: _______________________________________
Next steps:

Notice: In The Building

Any signs of disrepair/neglect/poor management in common areas/hallways/stairwells?

Can you hear inside the other units through the doors/walls?

If possible: talk to neighbors/previous tenants. Ask what they like/dislike about the building and what problems they have noticed.

Notice: In The Unit

How does the layout work for… Relaxing? Cooking? Working? Entertaining?

Signs of disrepair/neglect/poor management? (Look a ceilings, under sinks)

Signs of mice/bugs (Look in corners, cabinets)

Water pressure

Notice: In The Neighborhood

Proximity of:
  • Groceries
  • Coffee
  • Nature


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