Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 8 Predictions After Episode 1

For the first time, I'm watching Ru Paul's Drag Race in more or less real time (I'm just a week behind because I'm watching online). I caught up on all the past seasons, and I can play the Prediction Game, where I guess the order in which the queens will place, without fear of being spoiled. Here are my picks and predictions after episode 1. (Spoilers for episode 1, if you haven't seen it. If you comment, please don't spoil episode 2 or future episodes!)

My Pick for Top Three

Acid Betty made a big splash with her unusual looks and excellent garment construction. Her Money Ball look was Raja and Raven's Top Toot of the Week. She also creates drama with her grating personality. I think she will make it to the top 3.

Kim Chi won the first runway with her lion look for the Hair Ball. She is clearly smart and skilled and appears to be interested in acting/characterization as well. She's also cute as a button with a sweet personality. I'm not sure I'd pick her to win, but I hope she ends up in the top 3. She's also my pick for Miss Congeniality.

Bob the Drag Queen I have no real reason to believe she'll make it to the top 3, except that I really like her. She's funny and appears to have solid construction skills.

People I Think Will Stick Around For Awhile But Not Win

Chi Chi deVayne (the Southern one) is cool under pressure, which can take her a long way.

Derick Barry's Brittany is impeccable and she knows how to perform, but I'm not sure she has another note. I think she'll squeak by for awhile and then go home mid- to late-series.

Naomi Smalls is beautiful and elegant, and I feel there's more of her we've yet to see. Still, she didn't impress me terribly much with her first challenge (the float).

People I Don't Remember So Probably They Will Not Last That Long

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Dax ExclamationPoint

People I Think Are Probably Going Soon

Thorgy Thor's red velvet cake look bored me.

Laila McQueen (aka Gloucester Kid) obviously has imagination and technical skills, but lacks confidence. I like her a lot and hope I'm wrong, but unless she can turn out consistently amazing lip synchs, I fear she'll go fairly quickly.

Robbie Turner was in the bottom 3 in episode 1 after missing an opportunity to pick a good challenge for herself and making a lackluster Bitch Ball costume. Unless she makes a big comeback, I think she'll go soon.


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