Money Lessons from Bagels

Continuing the theme of entries I wrote when I was sick. This one is not only apparently unfinished, but 100% without merit.

Random Rewards = Happy Workers
At at least three places I've worked, free bagels were an occasional perk. At one office, the company sprang for free bagels for the entire floor once a week. If the standing bagel order was cancelled or delayed for any reason, there was unrest in the ranks. Because we could predict the bagels, they became our baseline, and we became upset when they didn't happen. At another, generally less well-to-do office, the boss personally bought bagels for the department at completely random intervals. It was far less often, but seemed like more of a reward because it was unexpected and rare. I'm completely shooting myself in the foot with this observation, because I'm saying "bosses buy less bagels for me," so you know it's genuine.

Something Malcolm Gladwell Said Probably

What Goes Around, Comes Around
The round shape of the bagel echoes the wheel of fortune: some days you are up, some you are down.

Everything is Really Only Five Things
Flavor or joie de vivre (salt), a full heart (onion), health (garlic), wealth (sesame seeds?), and connections with others (poppy seed I guess??)

No Matter How Carefully You Eat You Will Have to Clean Up Seeds
But it's okay because it means you got to eat a nice bagel. This is a metaphor for taxes.


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