Sixth Grade Detective!

If you want to know what I've been writing when I'm not writing personal finance musings, today's the day you find out. My interactive fiction game, Sixth Grade Detective, is out today!

This is my first work for Choice of Games, a small independent company that makes choose-your-own-adventure style interactive stories for phones, tablets, and e-readers. Most of their stories are adventures for adults, but mine is aimed at a range of audiences, from middle-grade chapter book readers to nostalgic adults who fondly remember their Encyclopedia Brown days. In it, you can:
  • Solve mysteries using a range of techniques, such as powder compact fingerprint-dusting, handwriting analysis, code-breaking, light interrogation
  • Decide what to do with the information you find; publish it in the school newspaper? keep quiet for the greater good? blackmail? 
  • There are kind of a lot of opportunities for blackmail actually
  • Play a high fantasy role-playing game-within-a-game
  • Hang out with the bad kids
  • Pick your outfit for the big dance
This is my second novel-length story (although its exact length can vary depending on your choices). My first was Don't Ask, a gay and lesbian young adult novel, which came out from Prizm Books in 2013. (Sixth Grade Detective isn't specifically LGBT, but you can be gay if you want to. The game definitely supports it, don't worry.)

The game's only $2.99 and you can play a demo for free, so I don't feel bad encouraging you to check it out, even though I am trying to help you save for retirement. Check it out on AmazonSteam, or Google Play Store. It's not yet on the iTunes App Store, but when it is, you'll find it in the Choice of Games archive

Coincidentally, today is also my thirtieth birthday. Happy birthday to me!


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