Lunch check-in

Well, I managed to do it: one full week of lunches from home. (I know I said I'd do it for a month--I'm not done yet, okay?) Here was my menu:

Monday: Mason Jar Salad

The mason jar salad was pretty easy and filling, but as usual with salads, I didn't finish the ingredients before I lost interest in them. Here's where I went right:

Bringing a wrap. A salad is more fun in a wrap.

Doing a test run. My original plan was to make like 5 salads on Sunday, but I could only find one jar, so I just did one. This was probably good as I did not really want a salad every day.

Keeping a bowl at work. It's pretty much impossible to eat the salad straight from the jar, at least not with a normal human fork.

Using olives. Yum!

Here's where I went wrong:

Starting with a quart jar. A pint jar would have been plenty for my appetite. You're supposed to compact the ingredients so they stay fresh, which I couldn't do in such a large jar. But I couldn't find a pint jar! What happened to my habit of obsessively saving mason jars? Oh yeah, decluttering.

Using diced tomatoes. Way too much liquid. Cherry tomatoes would be better.

Tuesday: Quinoa and mushrooms

My best friend made me quinoa after I told her I had never made it and didn't know how. Isn't she sweet?

Wednesday: Peanut butter sandwich

Time to use up that expensive peanut butter. I made the sandwich just prior to eating using peanut butter, bread, and a plate and butter knife I had brought in. I hate squashed, soggy sandwiches.

Thursday: Quinoa and broccoli

Inspired by my friend, I made my own quinoa for the first time. It was easy! Quinoa is pretty flavorless on its own, but I made in broth with veggies, and it was pretty tasty. I'd make it spicier next time. 

Friday: Leftover quinoa and broccoli

Now I'm just being intentionally boring.

Housekeeping note: I accidentally deleted my Zero Waste Challenges tumblr, formerly at, so I've removed links to it. I was horrified that I'd done it, because I wrote a lot on that blog and put a lot of effort into my entries. But I managed to save most of it, I think, from Google cache, so I may post some of the entries here in the future. In some ways, I guess, it's a nice to have my web presence simplified a bit. 


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