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2018 Q2 Goals! (and Q1 Review)

Well, we’re into the 2nd quarter of the 2018. How did I do on my 1st quarter goals? Pretty bad!!
Q1 Goals Review1. Exercise 24 times (3x/week in the 8 weeks before surgery): I did my best to keep up a 3-times-a-week exercise, but ended up missing several due to busy-ness and the colds I kept getting. I ended up exercising 19 times. 19/24 = 79% = C+!

2. Learn to play a song on the bass I did not do this. I didn’t even try. F-

3. Read 10 books I read 8 books. 8/10 = 80% = B-!

The ones where I’m hovering around 80% seem to be correct challenge level: not so easy that I’m knocking it out of the park, but not so difficult that they’re impossible. I think having three goals requiring ongoing, sustained effort might have been a bit too many. I only felt like I was really able to focus on one (exercise). The books thing only almost happened because reading requires very little effort/willpower for me. In future quarters, I think I’d like to set one ongoing/sustained-effort type of goa…

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