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Frugal Bagel's Anti-Gift Guide Gift Guide for Unknown and Difficult Recipients

Fancy chocolate is always an option
When you come up blank on gift ideas for some of the folks on your list, you may be tempted to look to marketing. There’s no shortage of gift guides online, or sections in stores marked “Gifts for Her!” Or “For the Serious Outdoorsman!” Hold up before you hit the “buy” button. I’m highly skeptical of gift guides, gift packs, and anything marketed as a gift.

If it’s so great, why is it being marketing as a gift and not just, you know, a product?
Marketing something as a gift is like admitting, “I know you don’t actually want this for yourself - who would? - but maybe it’s okay for somebody else?”

Lukewarm appreciation is the best case scenario
Items marketed as gifts tend not to be objectionable, but they’re just kind of bland. Nobody’s going to be over the moon about them. They’re the material possessions equivalent of Applebee’s. Nobody wants to go to Applebee’s, but maybe you’ll settle for Applebee’s if you’re at a work lunch or something and …

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