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True Trans Confessions: I Started Testosterone To Beat Daniel Mallory Ortberg

Daniel on the left, Logan on the right. One of these people doesn't know this is a competition
In the days of The Toast, Mallory Ortberg was my hero: a comedy writer whose particular brand of humor was exactly mine. The mix classic literature and 90s/00s pop culture references; the overwrought P.G. Wodehousisms; the love of dirtbags; the feminism and misandry; the insistence that my cheesiest heroes, like Johnny Bravo, were lesbians; even small things, like the playful mix of genders in self-descriptions ("I am my own terrible son"). The Toast was everything I wish my early 2000's comedy website had become if only I were just a little funnier and sharper and smarter and god damn you this is how I wish I could write but I can't be mad cause I'm laughing.

To top it off, I am a lifelong lover of advice columns, and when I learned that the new Dear Prudence would be none other than my hero Mallory Ortberg, I was beside myself with both joy and jealousy. Ortberrr…

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