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2017 Accomplishments!

Today’s entry on Budgets are Sexy contained an important reminder: the New Year is not just a time to make resolutions and feel bad about failing at past resolutions, but to look back on your past year's accomplishments and feel good about them! Even if you didn’t end up doing what you said you would do, you probably ended up doing something interesting with your 365 days. For me, this was most definitely a year I didn’t do remotely what I thought I was going to do, but wound up going in a completely different direction I never would have predicted! I sure zagged on ‘em in Twenty Serpentine!
2017 Accomplishments Gender The biggest change was my transition, a giant break in my life that will henceforth break my life into pre-2017 and post-2017. Considering I only started partway through the year, I got a ton of stuff done!
Came out… to myself!!Came out publicly in a bunch of difficult ways: to friends, family, at work, here on the blogBegan binding and dressing in clothes from …

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