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Give Yourself a Queer Eye Makeover on the Cheap

I never saw the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show from the early 2000’s, but I binged the Netflix revival that recently dropped with an all-new cast. In case you’ve never seen it, it’s a makeover/reality show where a team of five gay style experts (the Fab Five) make over a schlubby man. The Fashion guy gives him a new wardrobe; the Grooming guy gives him a haircut and a daily moisturizing routine; the Design guy renovates his home; the Food & Wine guy teaches him how to cook a signature dish; and the Culture guy does something different each time, generally teaching him a skill or having him try a new activity. By the end of the week, the subject is transformed and ready to take on some big event in his life.

I enjoyed the show a lot. It has an overwhelmingly positive feeling and message. Many of the episodes had explicit messages of acceptance and understanding. The Fab Five are tasked with excavating the “real you” buried under the subjects’ layers of self-doubt …

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