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January 2018 Month in Review

I’ve missed a few months, and this one's a little late, but it’s time to get back to being accountable and share my deepest spending secrets with you, dear Reader! Here's my review of January. (February, being in progress, is not up for debate yet.)
January Spending
The three biggest spending categories in January were medical, food, and clothing (mine). Let’s take a look.

Medical - $3,150The biggest expenditure this month was $3,000 for my top surgery, which will occur later this month!

I had already put down a $500 deposit; this completes my $3,500 “cosmetic fee.” Like many plastic surgeons, mine has divided his work into a the “medically necessary” part that can be covered by insurance, and the “cosmetic” part that cannot.

Only, it seems weird that part of it can’t be covered by insurance since it’s all part of the same procedure. You would think that chest masculinization should encompass everything, including cosmetic steps taken to make the chest look natural and good and …

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